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The property DSAuto Ltd  is situated on two sections. Both 217 and 221 Haven Road. These property’s have been in use since the mid 1800’s. From Taverns, housing units and even hairdressing rooms. The workshop was built in the mid 1940’s. Making this one of the region’s oldest workshops still in use today! The main building was built in 1972 as well as an extension on the workshop. 217 Haven Road has an office and storage unit sitting on it and is currently being used by Caravans NewZealand. The workshop was acquired by our current director Derryl Henman. At this stage the business was named under Powell Motors. Graeme Powell and Derryl Henman owned Nelson Lada, being the second largest Lada dealer in the country.  Around this period the car rental company ‘RushInRentals’ was formed. RushInRentals is still the only sports car rental in Nelson. Dollarsave Auto Centre LTD is also joined with the Australian company House Of Mg. Specializing in Mg sales and service. We also formed a company in the late 1990’s called Dollarsave Auto Hoist which was servicing and sales of vehicle hoist’s. We had three franchise’s spread across the South island. Around 2008 Caravans New Zealand was formed. Caravans NewZealand was one of the first company’s in New Zealand to import English and German Caravans. Caravans NewZealand is still going today! Dollarsave Auto Centre LTD is proud of their past and is always looking to the future!

Now With a face lift and branding we are under 2 new banners. DS Auto Ltd and Classic and performance Cars, come down and take a look.

Here are some pictures from our past!

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