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1967 Rickman Metisse Motorcycle


1967 Rickman Metisse motorcycle

A Rickman Metisse motorcycle is a classic and highly sought-after machine, known for its exceptional craftsmanship and performance. The Rickman Metisse is renowned for its distinctive and innovative frame design, which was crafted from lightweight, high-quality Reynolds 531 tubing. This provided excellent strength and durability while maintaining a low weight, crucial for competitive off-road riding.The Rickman Metisse earned a strong reputation in motocross and off-road racing during its heyday, with many top riders of the era choosing it for its superior performance and handling. Including Steve Mcqueen quoting “This rig is the best handling bike I’ve ever owned”

The Rickman Métisse is a notable motorcycle, particularly for its association with Steve McQueen, the iconic actor and avid motorcycle enthusiast. The Rickman Métisse is number 30 of 300 motorcycles , reflecting his passion for high-performance bikes.

This bike was owned by Geri Lisi  – The owner of Metisse  – this was his personal bike, as per the ownership papers. The bike had only 200 miles on it when sourced from the UK  – since then, only another 20miles has been added to the original millage. Making this bike a very LOW, totally original, one of a kind motorcycle.

Many documents provided with this vehicle, including authenticity statement provided from Metisse stateing chassis number 1030 was build on 15/12/1967. As well as proof of ownership with Geri Lisi.

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